Required Disclosures

The Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is a medium hub commercial service airport that is owned by Palm Beach County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, and operated by and through its Department of Airports (PBC DOA).  The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (PBC BCC) serves as the governing body of PBI. 

Published Notices of Meetings, Agendas and Meeting Minutes of the PBC BCC:

Approved Budgets for the Palm Beach County Department of Airports:

FY2021 Department of Airports Budget

FY2022 Department of Airports Budget

FY2023 Department of Airports Budget

PBI Master Plan (note this document is not available on the Federal Aviation Administration website):

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

Position & Rate Information:

Position & Rate Information (FY2023)


All contracts and amendments for purchases of commodities and contractual services approved by Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners are available at the following link and may be found on each Agenda under "Airports":

Contracts/amendments in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017, Florida Statues for CATEGORY THREE procurements:

Fiscal Year 2021: October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2021

ABM Aviation Parking 2nd Amend (Item 3F4, 7-13-21)


AECOM Amend. No. 4 (Item5B1, 10-6-20)

Airport Ground Transportation (Item 3F1, 4-6-21)

Airport Noise & Operations Monitoring Sys. (KMA 680 SS200401A)

Amend. No. 6 - AECOM (Item 6G1, 8-17-21)

ARFF Vehicle Purchase (Item 6G-1 - 9-14-21)

ASD Consulting Contract - Ailevon Pacific (Item 6A1, 1-12-21)

Cheatham, LLC (Wallis Road) (Item 6B1, 7-13-21)

Eaton Crouse-Hinds, L-Airfield Lighting, Control (CMA 690 SS450919)

Engineered Materials Arresting System (PO CC606721-23)

Grounds Maintenance (PBIA), Belv. Rd Median, Lantana Airport (CMA 680 19-067)

Janitorial Contract (Item 6B2- 9-14-21)

Maintenance of Airport Facilities & Systems (CMA 680-16071D)

Morganti Amend. No. 7 (Item 6G1, 8-17-21)

Morganti (Task Order_SMC_06)

Morganti Amend. No. 4 Bldg. 846 UPS Replacement (Item 5D1, 4-6-21)

Morganti Amend. No. 5 LTPG No. 3 Joint Repair (Item 3F3, 4-6-21)

Morganti Amend. No. 6 ARFF Roof Repairs (Item 5A1, 5-4-21)

Morganti, CO#1 to Amend. No.4 (Item 6C1, 5-18-21)

NFPA, Insp, Test, Maint, Repair, Cert (CMA 68018008B)

Plant-Foliage Maintenance PBI Interior (CMA 680700171A)

Ranger CO No. #4 (Item 3F1, 4-6-21)

Ranger CO No. #8 (Item 3F1, 5-18-21)

ReserTrac Ground Transportation Contract (Item 6G3, 8-17-21)

RS&H (Task 4-RSH-2021-PBIA)

RS&H (Task III-21-PBI-R-019)

RS&H Amend. No. 2 (Item 3F6, 5-18-21)

RS&H Amend. No. 4 (Item5A2, 6-15-21)

RS&H, Inc. Amend. No. 2 (Item 6B1, 10-20-20)

Suffolk Construction (Concourse B Expansion) (Item 5A1, 6-15-21)

Trane USA (PO EMP#5024138)

UPS Preventative Maintenance & Repair (CMA 680450892A)


Fiscal Year 2022: October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022

Alen Const. (400Hz GPU) (Item 5D1, 3-8-22)

NFPA, Insp, Test, Maint, Repair, Cert (CMA 680 18008B)

Hypower - Hold Positions & RGLS at PBI (Item 6A1, 10-19-21)

Ranger - Vehicle Service Road Relocation at PBI (Item 6A2, 10-19-21)

Ranger - RW & TW Rehab at PHK (Item 6A3, 10-19-21)

ERMC - Baggage Handling System Extension (Item 6A4, 10-19-21)

Airfield Lighting Systems, ADB Safegate Americas OEM Parts (Item 5C2, 11-2-21)

Turner, Amend. No. 2, Chiller Replacement (Item 5C1, 11-2-21) (1)

Pavement Markings_Florida Airfield Maintenance JV (CPO 680 CC102221000000000004)

Maintenance of Airport Facilities & Systems, ERMC Aviation LLC (Item 5B-1, 11-16-21)

Amendment #3, Turner Construction, Switchgear Replacement (Item 6G-1, 12-7-21)

Executed Task Order MC-17 (Morganti)

Amend. No. 8 (WO SMC 11) - Morganti (Item 5B-1, 12-21-21)

C.O. No. 2 (Amend. No. 4) WO MC-15 - Morganti (Item 5A-1, 2-1-22)

AECOM (Amend. No. 7)(Item 6B1 - 2.8.22)

Lebolo Amend. No. 2 (Item 6B2 - 2.8.22)

Morganti - C.O. No. 3 to Amend. No. 4 (Item 3F2,3-22-22)

RS&H Amend. No. 5 (Item 5A1, 3-22-22)

RS&H executed Task III-22-F45-R-030

Morganti, Amend. No. 9 - West People Tube Repair (Agenda item 5A-1, 4-11-22)

Expedia Multimarket Advertising 2-1-22

Lebolo, Amend. No. 3 (SL 04) (Item 5C-1, 5.3.22)

AECOM Amendment No. 8  (Item 5A1, 6-7-22)

HDR Amendment No. 2 (Item 5B1, 6-7-22)

Airport Noise & Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS). KMA SS200401B

Grounds Maintenance at (PBIA), Belvedere Road Median & Lantana Airport CMA 19067B

Ups Preventative Maintenance and Repair. CMA 450893B

Airfield lighting systems, ADB Safegate Americas, LLC. CMA SS450919

Elevator  escalator, maintenance and repair. CMA 21027

Executed Task Order SMC-19 (Morganti)

Contract w-Rio-Bak (Misc. Drainage Repairs) (Item 6A1 - 7-12-22)

FAA Grant & Southern Road Contract (Item 6B-4, 8-23-22)

Triangle Services (Item 6A-1, 8-23-22)

Ricondo & Associates (Item 6B3, 8-23-22)

HDR Amendment No. 3 (Item 6B-2,8-23-22)


Morganti Work Order SMC 13 (DOA 18-13) PBI CUPPS Expansion

All Florida Contracting Svcs. (Item 6A2, 9-13-22)

AVCON General Consulting Agreement (Item 6A1, 9-13-22)

Fiscal Year 2023: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

AECOM Agmt (Item 6B4 7-11-23)

Amend. No. 1 w-HDR Engineering (Item 6B1 7-11-23)

Amend. No. 10 to CM @ Risk Contract - Morganti (Item 6B-2 7-11-23)

Amend. No. 12 to CM @ Risk Contract - Morganti (Item 6B3 7-11-23)

SP Plus - Parking Management Agmt. (Item 6B-5 7-11-23)

Central Airfield Improv. (Item 5A3 5-16-23)

FAM Airfield Marking Services Agenda (Item 5A1 5-16-23)

Ricondo Amend. No. 1 (Item 5A1 5-16-23)

Horsepower Electric (5A1 5-2-23)

RS&H Amend. No. 8 (Item 5B2 4-18-23)

C.O. No. 1 (WO SCC 01) Conc. B (Item 5B1 4-18-23)

R&A executed Task III-22-PBI-R-002-001

R&A executed Task III-22-DOA-R-001-002

Motorola Solutions - Radio Console Replacement

HUB Parking Technology (Item 5A1, 11-15-22) 

ERMC Passenger Loading Bridge & Facilities Renewal (Item 5A2,11-15-22)

R&A executed Task III-22-PBI-R-001-003

R&A executed Task III-22-F45-R-002-002

HDR executed Task No. 3-HDR-2022-PBIA

Maintenance of Airport Facilities & Systems, ERMC Aviation LLC (Item 5A-2, 11-15-21).

Canal Litter Control and Removal at PBIA CMA 151035

ARFF Vehicle (Item 5A1, 1-10-23)

CUPPS - Collins Aerospace (Item 5A2, 1-10-23)

RS&H Amend. No. 6 (Item 5A1, 1-24-23)

Amend. No. 9 (WO MC 16) - Morganti (Item 6A1, 2-7-23)

AECOM Amend. No 10 (Item 6A2, 2-7-23)

Ranger Contract - Misc. Pavement (Item 6A3, 2-7-23)

WO SCC 01 - Suffolk Const. - Conc B Expansion (Item 6A4, 2-7-23)

Alen Const. - Short Term Parking Garages 2 (Item 6A5, 2-7-23)

Baggage Handling System - JBT (Item 6A6, 2-7-23)

AECOM Amend. No. 9 (Item 6A1, 10-18-22)

5A1 Amed. No. 8 (WO MC 02) (Item 5A1,12-20-22)

R&A executed Task III-23-PBI-R-001-006

RS&H, Inc. Task III 23-PBI-R-040

Executed Task Authorization 4-HMMH-2023-LNA

RS&H, Inc. executed Task III-23-PBI-R-045

HDR Executed Task-4-HDR-2023-PBIA

AVCON Executed Task III-23-PBI-AV-006

ESA Executed Task No. 2-ESA-2023-F45


Development Site Lease Agreement Popstroke (Item 6J1)


Delivery Orders for purchases of commodities and contractual services through Countywide Master Agreements (Term Contracts) in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017, Florida Statues for CATEGORY THREE procurements:

Fiscal Year 2021: October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2021

Countywide Master Agreement - Heavy Trucks and Equipment - CMA 68055521 Piggyback

Cab & Chassis Truck (DO 121 12142000000000004864)

Loader Backhoe Caterpillar (DO 121 12152000000000004885)

Countywide Master Agreement - Uniformed Security Guard Services - CMA 680 17015RC

Uniformed Security Guards (DO 120 08032100000000018101)

Countywide Master Agreement - Elevator, Escalator, Maintenance and Repair - CMA 680 16001D

Elevator, Escalator Maintenance (DO 05082000000000013776)

Elevator, Escalator Maintenance (DO 10072000000000000476)

Fiscal Year 2022: October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022

Countywide Master Agreement- Generator and Diesel Pump Maintenance, Inspection, CMA 20007

Terminal Generator and Diesel Pump Repair (DO 120  03252200000000009936)

County Wide Master Agreement - Uniformed Security Guard CMA 680 17015R

Uniformed Security Guards (DO 120 10212100000000001505)

Uniformed Security Guards (DO 120 03172200000000009398)

DO 120 072522*16083 – FY2022 (7.12.2022 - 9.30.2022) – 3 Months

Countywide Master Agreement Elevator and Escalator Maintenance and Repair of CMA 21027

Monthly Elevator Escalator Maintenance (DO 120 12152100000000004571)

Monthly Elevator, Escalator Maintenance (DO 1201104222246)

Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring Sys. (KMA 680 SS200401)

Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring Sys. (KDO 120 01062200000000000784)


ARFF Support Vehicle (DO 440 05042200000000012030)

ARFF Support Vehicle 2 (DO 440 05042200000000012026)

ARFF Support Vehicle 3 (DO 440 05052200000000012111)

Countywide Master Agreement - Rescue Systems Unlimited LLC (CMA 680 SS250651-ZG )

Tools & Equipment (DO 440 04252200000000011571)

DOA Avaya Phone System (DO 120 07052200000000015041)

Fiscal Year 2023: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

Countywide Master Agreement - Uniform Security Guard Emergency Contract (CMA 555590)

Uniform Security Guard Services (DO 120 10052200000000000170)