Limited restrooms are available on Concourse B. Additional restrooms are available pre-security and on Concourse A.

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PBI Parking Rates and Information

Parking at Palm Beach International Airport is close, convenient, easily accessible, and affordable.  PBI offers four parking options/rates and a free cell phone waiting lot for arrivals.  Daily rates are calculated based on time of lot entry.

PremiumPremium: Premium parking is open. $30 per day. Outside Baggage Claim. $2 for the first 20 minutes, $1 each additional 20 minutes. Self-payment with credit card or SunPass only. Cashier available at Main Exit Plaza.

ShShort Termort Term: $17 per day. Direct access to the terminal. $1 for every 20 minutes. Credit cards, cash, SunPass accepted. Level Four of Short-Term Parking is Closed for Refurbishments

Long TermLong Term: Long term parking is open. $13 per day. Access to terminal on level 2. $1 for every 20 minutes. Credit cards, cash, SunPass accepted.

EconomyEconomy: Economy parking is open. $7 per day. $2 first two hours minimum. $1 each additional 20 minutes. No cashier between 1:00am-8:30am and self-payment required with credit card or SunPass only.

* Estimator below is based on average daily rate. For shorter periods see individual descriptions above.


When will you park your vehicle?

When will you pick up your vehicle?

Calculate your estimated parking costs.

  • Parking Lots
    Daily Rate
    Hourly Rate
    Est. Total Rate
  • Premium Lot*
  • Long Term Parking*
  • Short Term Parking*
  • Economy Lot*

DISCLAIMER: This is an estimator only. Actual fees may vary based on actual time of entry/exit of the facilities.

* This is the average daily rate. For rates of shorter periods see individual descriptions above.

Economy parking shuttles now in service. 

Economy Shuttle

Shuttle service is available 7 days a week. Sunday - Thursday: 24 hours. Friday: No shuttle service 1:00am-3:00am. Saturday: No shuttle service 1:00am-4:00am.

*Once parked in the Economy Lot, head to the nearest bus stop to catch the shuttle. To signal the shuttle, press the call button inside the bus stop.

This lot is on airport property and is approximately a 5-minute walk to the terminal. The walkway to the terminal is across from bus stop 5.

Handicap parking can be found at bus stops #6 and #7, on the south end of the Economy parking lot.    The rate for parking in Economy with a blue hanging placard is $7 a day.

Lost Ticket Policy

Daily maximum rate for each 24 hours (or any part thereof).

Vehicles Parked Over 30 Days

Vehicles parked over 30 days are considered abandoned and will be towed at owner’s expense. If you will be parking for longer than 30 days, contact the parking office at 561-471-7459.

Handicap and Disabled Veterans Parking

Handicap parking is available throughout the garages with applicable fees.  Free parking is only available to vehicles that display a Florida license plate for Disabled Veterans or a vehicle with specialized equipment, such as ramps, lifts, or foot and hand controls or those that display the State of Florida Toll Exemption Permit.

Safety Tips

Remove all valuables from your vehicle prior to traveling. Make sure your vehicle is properly secured by closing all windows and locking all doors. Report any suspicious activity to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office at 561-471-7450.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Located in Short Term garage on level 5.  Chargers are complimentary and available on a first-come/ first-serve basis.

Oversized Vehicles

Vehicles using more than one space (for example, large trucks or vehicles towing trailers) will be subject to paying for each parking space used at the stated rate.  No commercial vehicles or 5th wheel trailer parking allowed.

Map of PBI Parking

PBI Parking Map

*Hurricane Parking Policy*

Standard PBI parking rates apply at all times including periods of hurricane and tropical storm weather.  Customers using SunPass at PBI are required to pay standard PBI parking rates even though the turnpike toll fees may be suspended.

Members of the public who are not taking a commercial flight are not encouraged to store cars at the PBI garages during hurricane conditions.  Priority is given to the flying public, law enforcement, and emergency staff vehicles.


For your convenience, you may use your SunPass Plus account to pay for parking. (SunPass Plus customers have their account automatically replenished through a credit or debit card.)  When you arrive at the airport, use the lane designated for SunPass Plus. The computer will read your SunPass transponder (this may take a few seconds) and the gate arm will open. When you are ready to exit the garage, be sure to use the SunPass Plus lane at the toll plaza. The computer will again read the transponder, calculate the charges, immediately access your available funds, replenish your account if necessary to withdraw the full amount, and allow you to exit the garage.