Limited restrooms are available on Concourse B. Additional restrooms are available pre-security and on Concourse A.

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Airport Bids & Requests for Proposals

This page contains a list of all of the Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFP) currently advertised by the Palm Beach County Department of Airports. Please note that this page contains only the advertisement issued by the Department of Airports; interested parties should contact the appropriate individual listed in the advertisement for additional information.


RFP PB 23-8 Retail, Food & Beverage Concession

     RFP PB 23-8 Vision Meeting

     RFP PB 23-8 ACDBE Workshop

     RFP PB 23-8 ACDBE Workshop Attendee List


RFP PB 24-3 Repairs to Short-term and Long-term Parking at PBI

RFP PB 24-3 Advertisement


RFP PB 24-4 On-Demand Ground Transportation Services

RFP PB 24-4 On-Demand Ground Transportation Services

RFP PB 24-4 Receipt of Proposals


RFP PB 24-9 Cargo Access Improvement

RFP PB 24-09 Cargo Access Improvement


GL 24-12 Fuel Farm Replacement

Project No. GL 24-12 Fuel Farm Replacement Invitation to Bid


PB 24-14 Miscellaneous Drainage Repairs - Package 2 

PB 24-14 Miscellaneous Drainage Repairs - Package 2 Invitation to Bid


PB 24-15 Garage Repairs to Short – Term and Long – Term Parking Garage 3

PB 24-15 Invitation to Bid


Project No. NC 24-11 Rotating Beacon Replacement

Project No. NC 24-11 Invitation to Bid


The above bids and requests for proposals are Adobe PDF documents. Click Here for the reader.


Notice of Intent to Award (LN24-08) W EXHIBITS 



Notice of IFB Cancellation for Project No. PB 24-3


The complete solicitation and RFP requirements are available on the PBC Vendor Self Service Website (VSS). Scroll down for directions on accessing VSS.

All Palm Beach County Solicitations will be advertised on the following site: PBC Vendor Self Service Website (If you are not registered as a vendor with PBC, click the Public Access button at the lower left of that page.)

In order to do business with the County, vendors are required to register or activate their account at the following link:

    1.  Existing Vendors must activate their vendor registration account.
    2.  New Vendors must register as a Palm Beach County Vendor.       
    3.  ALL vendors must verify that the following are CORRECT:

a.  Legal Name of Vendor AND the Vendor’s TIN Number

b.  Procurement Address and Contact Information

c.  E-Mail address under Contact Information

To Receive Email Notifications of Our Solicitations:

All vendors must designate the commodity code(s) for the good(s) and/or service(s) they provide on their Vendor Registration account.

For assistance on how to navigate the PBC Self Service Website, Vendors are encouraged to review the VSS Quick Reference Guide for Solicitations.

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