Limited restrooms are available on Concourse B. Additional restrooms are available pre-security and on Concourse A.

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Two indoor pet relief areas can be found post-security in Concourse B (gate B1) and Concourse C (gate C1).

Outdoor pet relief areas can be found on the East and West ends of the terminal, outdoors on Level One (Baggage Claim Level). Both areas are fenced, shaded, and provide a nice wood chip and grassy area for traveling pets to run, romp, and find relief before or after their flight. Complimentary waste bags are available. 

Animals in the Terminal:



    • Sec 2-6(c). All animals, domestic or wild, shall be properly confined in a cage, crate, or other device. Exempt from this requirement are seeing-eye dogs, guard and search dogs under the control of authorized handlers and approved by the department, or service dogs trained to assist the physically disabled.

    • Sec 2-6(f). All persons shall use the utmost care to prevent any animal under their care or control from urinating or defecating upon the sidewalks of the airport or in the terminal or other public buildings. If an animal under one’s care or control does urinate or defecate, the owner or handler shall clean the soiled area.


    • Sec. 1-6. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in prosecution as a second-degree misdemeanor and may include a fine not to exceed $500.00 per violation and/or imprisonment not to exceed 60 days.

Law Enforcement and Airline Personnel can ask: “What task or functions does your animal perform for you?”

Service Animals:

U.S. Department of Transportation Briefing- Traveling by Air with Service Animals

U.S. Department of Transportation Traveling by Air with Service Animals FAQ

It is advised that all ticketed passengers planning to travel with a pet or Service Animal, contact their airline for specific rules and regulations while onboard the aircraft.