Concourse B Expansion

Project: The project includes a remodel and expansion of Concourse B to include more restaurant space, larger holdroom, sensory room to create a calming space for travelers with autism and other sensory sensitivities, adult changing tables to accommodate needs of disabled passengers and their caregivers, improved aircraft parking apron, construction of infrastructure to support two additional passenger boarding bridges, extension of existing building systems.

Phase 1:

The first phase will include a new 3,000 square foot restaurant near Gate B5 and restroom expansion. This phase will take approximately 12 months. 

During the expansion, there will be reduced food and beverage options and more limited restroom availability in Concourse B; however, Concourse A will remain open for the duration of the project as it has additional restrooms which are less than a two-minute walk from Concourse B.


5/15/23 - Temporary Bar, Twisted Trunk, opened.

5/6/23 - Hop and Cask closed.