Limited restrooms are available on Concourse B. Additional restrooms are available pre-security and on Concourse A.

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Fiscal Year 2024: October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2024

All contracts and amendments for purchases of commodities and contractual services approved by Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners are available at the following link and may be found on each Agenda under "Airports":

Contracts/amendments in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017, Florida Statues for CATEGORY THREE procurements:


Term Contract Flagship (Item 5A1_11-21-23)

Change Order 3 Alen Construction (Item 3F5_11-07-23)

Amend. No. 11 to CM Risk Contract WO MC 21 MORGANTI (Item 5B1_10-3-23)

Amend. No. 1 to General Consulting Agreement AVCON (Item 3F3_10-3-23)

Airfield Lighting Sytems, ADB Safegate Americas Parts (PBIA) SS450919B

Noise Office Service Agreement KMA SS200401

Traffic Paint, Water Emulsion-Based, SOF-PRIDE, Piggyback CMA 950663

Generator-Diesel Pump - Maint-Inspect-Test-Repair (PBIA) CMA 20007C

AECOM Agmt (Item 6B4 7-11-23)

Amend. No. 1 w-HDR Engineering (Item 6B1 7-11-23)

Amend. No. 10 to CM @ Risk Contract - Morganti (Item 6B-2 7-11-23)

Amend. No. 12 to CM @ Risk Contract - Morganti (Item 6B3 7-11-23)

SP Plus - Parking Management Agmt. (Item 6B-5 7-11-23)

Central Airfield Improv. (Item 5A3 5-16-23)

FAM Airfield Marking Services Agenda (Item 5A1 5-16-23)

Ricondo Amend. No. 1 (Item 5A1 5-16-23)

Horsepower Electric (5A1 5-2-23)

RS&H Amend. No. 8 (Item 5B2 4-18-23)

C.O. No. 1 (WO SCC 01) Conc. B (Item 5B1 4-18-23)

HUB Parking Technology (Item 5A1, 11-15-22) 

ERMC Passenger Loading Bridge & Facilities Renewal (Item 5A2,11-15-22)

Maintenance of Airport Facilities & Systems, ERMC Aviation LLC (Item 5A-2, 11-15-21).

Canal Litter Control and Removal at PBIA CMA 151035

ARFF Vehicle (Item 5A1, 1-10-23)

Amend. No. 9 (WO MC 16) - Morganti (Item 6A1, 2-7-23)

AECOM Amend. No 10 (Item 6A2, 2-7-23)

WO SCC 01 - Suffolk Const. - Conc B Expansion (Item 6A4, 2-7-23)

Alen Const. - Short Term Parking Garages 2 (Item 6A5, 2-7-23)

Baggage Handling System - JBT (Item 6A6, 2-7-23)

AECOM Amend. No. 9 (Item 6A1, 10-18-22)

5A1 Amed. No. 8 (WO MC 02) (Item 5A1,12-20-22)

R&A executed Task III-23-PBI-R-001-006

RS&H, Inc. Task III 23-PBI-R-040


Development Site Lease Agreement Popstroke (Item 6J1)

Change Order No. 5 (Amend. No. 4) WO MC15 MORGANTI (Item 3F2_9-12-23)

Janitorial Services Contract Extension TRIANGLE (Item 5B1_919-23)