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Frequently Asked Questions

To enter the airport, what exit do I take off of I-95?

From North take exit 69B. From the South take exit 69.  You can also look for the signs that say "Palm Beach International Airport" to utilize the direct connect from I-95 into the airport. Click here for more information.  


How early should I arrive before my flight?

Please contact your airline to find out how early you should arrive at the airport. 


How do I get to Economy Parking from I-95?

Once you enter the main roadway, stay in the right lane and follow the signs that say Economy Parking. 


Where is the cell phone lot located and how do I get there?

The cell phone lot is located at the corner of Belvedere and Florida Mango.  Click here for a map. 


What are the parking rates?

Click here for parking rates. 


What is the most inexpensive lot?

The Economy lot is the most inexpensive. Click here for current rates. 


What is the difference between the long term lot and the Economy lot?

Long term is a closer walking distance to terminal while Economy offers a shuttle service to get to the terminal but there is also a walkway if you prefer to walk to the terminal. Click here for parking rates and information. 


Do I need reservations for parking?



How often do the Economy shuttles operate?

Approximately every 20 minutes 24 hours per day and they are ADA accessible. 


Is Economy a secure lot?

The Economy lot is a secure parking area, but all parking is at your own risk.  There are patrols by PBSO.  It is recommended that you secure your vehicle by locking doors and rolling up windows.  Stowing items of value out of sight is also a good idea.


How far is the Economy lot from the terminal?

The Economy lot is located on airport premises, approximately a 1½ mile ride from terminal by shuttle or a five minute walk through the walkway.  If you would like to walk, park at Shuttle Stop 5 in the Economy Lot.   


How long can I stay in lots?

Up to 30 days.  If additional time is needed, contact the parking office at 561-471-7459.  Or email parking@pbia.org.


What method of payments can I use?

Airport Parking accepts cash, check card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and SunPass Plus.


Are there luggage carts available?



Is handicap parking free?

No.  However, we comply with Florida Statute FL 316.1964.  Additionally, there are designated handicapped spots in each of lots in all of the pricing levels.  As with any handicapped parking spaces, you must properly display your handicap sticker, license plate or decal to park in the designated spots.  


Where can I get a wheelchair?

Please contact your airline to arrange for a wheelchair.


Is there really a putting green in the airport terminal? 

Yes.  The putting green is located in the Main Terminal on the second floor outside of Sam Snead's Tavern.  To practice your short game, go to the bar at Sam Snead's.


Where is the Kids Play Area?

The kids play area, Jungle Fun, is next to the KidZoo toy store in the Main Terminal on the second floor. 


Can I go to the Spa at the airport if I am not flying?

Yes.  The spa is located before the security checkpoints and is available for walk-in service from 8am - 7pm daily.


Is PBI on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, both!  You can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/flypbi and on Twitter, @PBI_Airport.

What stores are available for shopping in the airport? 

There are several shopping options at PBI.  Brooks Brothers, Brighton Collectibles, Worth Ave News, Palm Beach Expressions and PGA Golf are all located on the second floor in the Main Terminal before security checkpoints.  Other shopping is available in the terminals beyond the security checkpoint.  Click here for a full list of stores.