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Palm Beach County Glades Airport

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Glades Airport is Palm Beach County's designated recreational airport. The airport is located 3 miles southwest of Pahokee, Florida and 35 miles west of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Glades airport is an uncontrolled airport with a CTAF of 122.8. All pilots should follow FAA recommended procedures for operating at uncontrolled airports.

Runway 17/35 is 4,116' in length by 75' wide and has a MTOW of 12,500lbs.

The airport has a VOR/DME and is popular for flight training for both fixed wing & helicopters. Glades Airport is also designated to support FAR 105 Parachute Operation.

The airport has one fixed base operator Signature Flight Support, that operates from 0800-1800 and can be reached at 561-924-5253.



For additional information on airport data, facilities, and landing areas, please see the Florida Department of Transportation's Facility Information Directory at http://www.florida-aviation-database.com

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