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Request For Proposals (RFP) No. LN 17-7  for the Lease and Development of Vacant Land -  Palm Beach County Park Airport (Lantana) 

Notice of Award Recommendation RFP LN 17-7

RFP LN 17-7 - Lease and Development of Vacant Land - Palm Beach County Park (Lantana) Airport


Attachment 1 - Location Map

Attachment 2 - Legal Description & Sketch of the Property

Attachment 3 - Entitlement Information-Process

Attachment 4A - Title Insurance Commitment

Attachment 4B - Title Exception Documents

Attachment 5 - Phase I Environmental Assessment 12-17-2006

Attachment 6 - Geotech Evaluation

Attachment 7 - Height Information

Attachment 8- Selection Criteria - Scoring Instructions - RFP LN 17-7

Attachment 9 - Development Site Lease - RFP LN 17-7

Attachment 10 - Disclosure of Ownership Interests - RFP LN 17-7


Appendix A to RFP LN 17-7 Proposal Response Form

Appendix B to RFP LN 17-7 - Drug Free Workplace Certification

Appendix C to RFP LN 17-7 Proposal Submittal Checklist

Directions to DOA Offices

Driving Directions to DOA Administration Offices - 846 PBIA

RFP LN 17-7 Amendment No. 1 6-19-2017

RFP LN 17-7 Amendment No  1 6-19-2017

RFP LN 17-7 Amendment No. 2 6-28-2017

RFP LN 17-7 Amendment No. 2

RFP LN 17-7 Amendment No. 3  7-13-2017

RFP LN 17-7 Amendment No  3

Attachment 9 - Example Development Site Lease - RFP LN 17-7

RFP LN 17-7 Summary of Proposals Received

Summary of Proposals Received 7-18-2017



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