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$20 Parking Discount program at Palm Beach International Airport
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$20 Parking Discount Program at Palm Beach International Airport


Thanks for using Palm Beach International Airport, where parking is easy, convenient, and a great value every day. We want to make it even better so we are offering a $20 discount towards parking if you fly on certain selected flights.  

It's our way of saying thank you for choosing to Fly PBI!


How does it work?

It's actually pretty simple.  The hardest part is remembering not to use your SunPass because SunPass can't give you the discount, only a person can!  You don't even need to remember a coupon, it doesn't get any easier than this. 

Just fly on one of the Qualifying Flights during the promotional period. When you return, present your parking ticket, flight itinerary and photo ID to a parking attendant as you exit the PBI parking lot. The parking attendant will give you an immediate discount up to $20. The discount is available at all of our on-site PBIA parking lots, so park at your favorite lot.

VERY Important: Do not enter the parking lots with your SunPass. You will need a ticket so that the attendant can honor the discount. Due to the automated nature of SunPass, discounts are not available through that service.

What promotional flights are available and how long is this offer good?

Currently we have the following flight(s) that are qualified for the promotional periods:

Non-stop PBI to LAX via American Airlines, January 1 through March 31

Non-stop PBI to DEN via Frontier Airlines, January 1 through March 31

If you fly on any of these flight(s) and either your departure or return flight falls within the promotional period, you qualify. 

My parking didn't cost $20, can I get a cash refund? Can I use my discount later?   

No, unfortunately not, we don't give out refunds or credits for future use. The discount must be used the same day you come back from your trip. If your parking is less than $20, then it will be free!  If your parking is more than $20, then $20 will be deducted from your total.  

How much does parking at the Airport cost?

Premium: $30.00/day (Outside Baggage Claim)

Short Term: $17.00/day (Terminal Levels 4-7)

Long Term: $13.00/day (Indoor Garage & Surface Lot)

Economy: $7.00/day (This lot is on airport property and is just a 5-minute walk to the terminal or includes complimentary shuttle service to curb side baggage check-in.)


Two of us flew on the promotional flight, can we both get a $20 discount?

The discount is good on a one-per-car basis. If you drive together, no, you would only get one discount. If you drove separately and both parked in the parking lot, then yes, you would each get the discount as you leave the parking facility. Just make sure that each person has a flight itinerary issued by the airline.

What happens if I lose my flight itinerary and why do you need the flight itinerary anyway?

If you lose your itinerary, your airline will more than likely reprint a copy for you. The flight itinerary serves as the proof of purchase document. We make a copy of it for our records. We match the name on the itinerary with your photo ID and we match the flight return date with the parking lot exit date. If the names and dates don't match, the discount is not available.

Other tips?

SunPass: If you plan on taking advantage of the discount, don't use SunPass when you enter the airport parking lot. Everyone loves SunPass but sorry, SunPass cannot be used in conjunction with this discount. Take a ticket on entry, when you return from your trip, drive to an exit booth and see the cashier.

Commercial vehicles: commercial transportation vehicles like taxi cabs and limousines are not eligible for this discount.