Five Airport Amenities You'll Be Surprised to Find at PBI

Published: 02/13/18

Let’s face it: as much as you may love to travel, it’s can be stressful. The hustle and bustle of airports, combined with worrying about catching planes on time (and did you pack everything you need?) can make something that’s supposed to be fun, like a vacation, into an anxious experience. When it’s done, sometimes you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation!

But it doesn’t have to be that way; an airport that takes care of its passengers can go a long way to making your vacation a pleasant one, before it even really begins. It’s always difficult with airports, as you don’t often have a choice as to which airport you use. If you want to visit a certain city, you might just be stuck at an airport that isn’t the best. That’s why it’s always a nice surprise to find one that really caters to it’s commuters, especially if it’s one you can choose to travel through again.

We’ve been to airports across the U.S. and have noticed that many are just a headache to navigate. And once you’re there, there isn’t much to do except wait around for your flight. There might be a newspaper stand and some fast food, but is there any way to really enjoy yourself?

Since many places are sorely lacking in airport amenities, traveling though Palm Beach International Airport, located in West Palm Beach is always a great experience. Whether you’re visiting Florida or leaving there, chances are you’ll love to make use of this airport.

Palm Beach International Airport, or PBI, offers the usual amenities, such as car rentals and long-term parking, but we also have a number of things you probably won’t expect.

Here are five airport amenities you will be surprised to find at Palm Beach International Airport:

When you’re traveling there’s always the looming possibility of last-minute travel alterations, unexpected delays, and the boredom that arrives once you pass security on time and have to sit around listening for your flight to begin boarding. But, no longer do you have to wait idly. In fact, now you can be rewarded for arriving in advance with a rejuvenating trip to the spa. That’s right, and it’s open every day, offering Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, foot massages, and reflexology, as well as nail treatments. So treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure combo that you didn’t have time to schedule before your trip.

  • Free WiFi

Maybe you have work to do while you travel. Maybe you just want to stream some movies as  you wait for your flight. Either way, having access to free WiFi will definitely help make your trip more enjoyable.

Unlike many U.S. airports that charge a fee, here you can access the WiFi from anywhere in the airport, regardless of whether you plan to grab a bite, sip on a cocktail, check work emails or connect with friends on social media before take-off.

And, if you’re worried that your phone will run out of power, don’t be! PBI also has charging stations so you can power up your phone for as long as needed, or at least until they call your boarding row.

  • KidZoo and Jungle Fun Playground

Traveling with kids will keep your hands full and your patients low and you will need some way to entertain them so they can enjoy the process of traveling and keep you calm in the process. Thankfully, one of the airport amenities at PBI is the KidZoo and Jungle Fun Playground, a place where you can shop for colorful stuffed animals and a playground where they can run around and expel their endless bouts of energy while you wait to board your flight.

  • Restaurants and Shopping

Yes, every airport has restaurants and shopping, but at PBI you’ll find nearly any type of food you desire while indulging in luxury gifts along the way. In the mood for pizza? If you’re looking for something quick, head to Flagler Gourmet Market or PBI Market, or grab a burger or sandwich on the fly. Or prep for your next-level voyage with a stop by Brooks Brothers or Brighton Collection where you’ll find favorite high-ends brands like Prada and Burberry.

  • Putting Green

After you’ve gone shopping and hit the spa, how about a little golf? Palm Beach International Airport features a putting green where you can practice your put. You might be planning to do some golfing during your trip, so why not start the fun now. Soon, you’ll want to arrive early, just to get in some green time before you hit the tarmac. 

  • Further Fun

The airport itself isn’t the only place to enjoy yourself. The Palm Beaches happens to be beautiful with plenty of places to visit. The Palm Beach Zoo, Lion Country Safari and the South Florida Science Museum are all fun trips for kids and adults alike before leaving through PBI.  Visit Discover the Palm Beaches for more exciting adventures!